Tauranga Dog Training Club 

  Having fun with your dog


We offer classes are for all ages of dogs from  3 months onwards.

2019 Class Dates:

Monday 11 th February

Cost:           $50 for 5 week course.

                   Start time 6.30  Please arrive 15mins earlier on the                      first night for registration

In order to ensure you don't miss out (numbers sometimes may be limited) please contact Sue on 548 0583 to reserve your place.  Once confirmed, you may download a registration form and to bring with you on the first night.  Please come 15mins early on first night.

What To Bring:

1.      Current Vaccination Certificate.

2.      Tasty treats (lots) in suitable container or bag. These may be cheese,                      luncheon sausage, Possyum cut up into small pieces.

3.      A toy the dog/puppy loves!

4.      Registration downloaded from this site. You can, however, fill in a form on              the night if you prefer.

5.      Your registration fee.

6.      Poo bags to clean up after your dog!


No choker chains please or bitches in session (on heat)

Puppy training tips!

Treat, praise, treat, praise, treat, praise!

At the beginning use treats ALL the time- be sure to adjust food intake so you don't end up with a fat puppy!

Be consistent

Choose one word for each command and stick to it. E.g. sit, down, wait, heel, etc...

Be positive and more stubborn than your pup; it will pay off.

Practise- just a few minutes every day makes a HUGE difference.

Most of all- play with your pup and have FUN!

For Cancellations,

Please check the cub’s website: www.taurangadogtraining.com or Facebook page

Tauranga dog training club

Enjoy your training!!


Please click on Registration Form below and bring along filled out form to first class


Morland Fox Park

Devon St


Devon St, greerton, new zealand